About Us

p joshua laskey, Co-Founder

p joshua laskey currently lives and writes in Sacramento, California, but has also done so in Los Angeles, Vienna, London, Granada, Road Town, Paris, and New York City. 

He is founding co-publisher of Indomita Press as well as co-founding Artistic Director of Theater Galatea and Associate World Literature Editor for The Literary Review

His published work includes original, adapted, and translated plays as well as original and self-translated short stories and poetry. 

For his efforts, he has received the Toyon Literary Magazine Multilingual Award in Translation, Multilingual, or Spanish-Language Writing, which was awarded for a self-translation of one of his anthologized short stories.

joshua holds an MA in Cultural Translation from the American University of Paris and an MFA in Creative Writing (Literary Translation) from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

For more on his writing and whereabouts, visit pjoshualaskey.com.

Jessica Laskey, Co-Founder

Jessica Laskey is a freelance writer, professional actress, co-founding Artistic Director of Theater Galatea and founding co-publisher of Indomita Press. She's also worked in advertising, education and public television.

As a journalist for the past 11 years, she's written articles on people, health, real estate, design, business and the arts for local newsmagazine Inside Publications as well as regional publications Sacramento Magazine, Sactown Magazine, The Sacramento Bee and Comstock's Business Magazine.

She also contributed editorial content to both editions of the guidebook Inside Sacramento: The Most Interesting Neighborhood Places in America's Farm-to-Fork Capital.

Jessica also serves on the board of Stories on Stage Davis, a literary performance series.

Jessica holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley and has lived and worked in San Francisco, New York City and Paris.

For more on her writing and whereabouts, visit jessicalaskey.com.